How to get out of victim state so you can build your empire.

Have you ever found yourself affected so much by circumstance or people around you that it brings you to a grinding halt in doing what you know needs to be done to succeed?

There may be plans and goals you have to work towards and you know you are capable of so much but you are feeling too low and too tired. You have had one bad experience after the next and now you are just plodding along simply trying to keep your head above water. 

You may be looking at why things have happened as they have and blaming other people for the outcome and frustrated that it is now you that is feeling the impact. 

But here’s the thing….there’s a statement I say quite often which is ‘no one ever created an empire from victim state’. What I mean by this is that as long as you are in a thought process of blaming everyone else for where you have arrived at in your life, you are essentially giving your power away and removing your ability to create positive forward moving action. 

It’s once you take on acceptance and responsibility for where you are at in your life that you begin to see the path forward as you are no longer giving control of your life to external influences. 

Where do you start? 

Write – sit down and list what you are frustrated about and what your part was in the outcome. 

Specify what an alternate outcome is you want and what is in your control to change. 

Identify what the steps are to take small steps ion this direction.

Set a date when you will do this by.

This may sound simple, however it is effective as it shifts your focus from being a victim and allowing others to control how you feel through to taking ownership of your life and your decisions. 

Have faith in yourself, your abilities and know that you have the capabity to do whatever you choose. The key is consistent positive action.

With love



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