Briony Benjamin is a Keynote Speaker, Author and Global Storyteller whose viral videos have been viewed by more than 200million sets of eyeballs. Whilst working as Executive Producer at Australia’s largest media outlet for women ( she got the shock of her life. After feeling awful for over a year she found out it wasn’t because she was a lazy slacker it was because she had cancer… all…through… her… body. Turning the camera on herself, Briony started documenting her journey in the short video ‘You Only Get One Life’. Its raw portrayal of her experience went viral, touching millions. Her first book ‘Life is Tough But So Are You’ published by Murdoch Books hits the shelves in August 2021. It shares what this major life wake-up call taught her about living and is packed full of helpful guidance to get you through any sticky time. Briony is passionate about helping individuals face the toughest time of their lives with more ease and less fear and all the while emboldening them to live the biggest, most audacious version of their story. She also works with some of Australia’s boldest leaders to help them craft their personal stories in compelling ways that move hearts and minds with the view to making the world a better, kinder and more fun place.

Read an excerpt from Briony’s book ‘Life is tough but so are you’ in Issue 4.

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